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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day One of my new blog...

Although I have my other blog I love my trusty bug so much I've decided to have this blog dedicated just to my lovely mosheen and will share my projects with y'all. It might take me some time to catch up with all the popular ones as they go back over 2 years nearly now, but as I'm constantly getting asked on the site for instructions I thought this was the best place to do them - also some of the older posts might be a bit sketchy as far as cuts and sizes go becuase obviously it's been a while and my alzheimers is setting in now I've reached another birthday.
If you have any questions of a technical nature feel free to ask and I will answer wherever I can although I don't pretend to know all there is to know and if you need help I always suggest as you'll find virtually everything you could ever wanna know here.

Feel free to scraplift anything on this site but PLEASE do not submit my ideas into your own competitions or other sites etc as I do have a raging temper for anyone that pinches anyone else's designs and doesn't give credit to the originator. I've had numerous projects blatantly plaguerised over the past year and it does make me wanna stab people with a blunt and painful rusty nail. Yes, it is flattering when people copy and that's fine but I draw the line when they start to get published on sites and in magazines. All the work you see here is totally original by me and me alone unless otherwise stated.

Ok, here we go then...

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