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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Happy Halloween Pencil Toppers

This is a little project which I still love now - I actually made this for our second ever swarm way back in October 2007 and it's so easy to make. This was all made using only the George cart and is a great project to get the kids involved with too.

I can't remember all the sizes of the cuts, but the whole thing stands around 10/12" tall and the sizes are really irrelevant you can make it whatever size you like.

Pumpkin - use a circle for the body, a star for the leafy bit and the bottom of the letter i for the stalk.

Witch - Cut the daisy flower & add the long skinny oval for the face. The hat is another skinny oval in black (cut about an inch smaller than the face) and I think I just cut a triangle with scissors although you can use the GBS triangle (if I remember the angle was a bit weird so I might have cut it back).

The Bat - hehehe this is where it gets cool. I kept looking and looking for a bat shape and finally came up with this, which is the waste leftover from a W! It was a total accident but it works so well! Use an oval for the body.
You need to cut 2 of everything, assemble all the bits together and then insert the pencils inside, glueing them in place. Then decorate all the other bits. The box shape - soz, can't remember which cart this is off, but you can use any box, or just stick the pencils into a little pot.

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