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Sunday, 22 February 2009

The infamous Vase of Flowers

Ok, so here it is, my infamous Vase of Flowers.

I posted this little creation back in September 2007 on and it was one of the first really creative things I made with my trusty steed. Don't ask me where the inspiration came from, I can't remember. The reason it's infamous is it seems to have inspired 100's of you to make your own little bouquets of 3D flowers in all shapes and sizes which is just fabulous, I'm really humbled to think it's inspired you so much. The original cricut post just keeps getting posted and reposted every couple of months, I think the old members are posting it again for the new members, which is so cool. If you have read me waxing lyrical about plaguerism at the bottom of my blog this is one of the reasons why, as many people have tried to pinch the glory for this project and I'm just not having it, ok!!! Most of the time I don't care if someone claims an idea but on this occasion I do! If you've seen this vase or these flowers anywhere else it's copied from this pic!!! (hahaha I will get off the ol' soapbox now!). For those of you who live in York, you can now see this original in my shop window.

So once again, and this is the final time I'm going to do this, here are the instructions...

Apologies if you've seen this before way back last year, but for those of you who've been PM'ing me here you are and I created this in approx 3 hours with the Expression. It stands approx 12" tall.
The vase is the round handbag from the Plantin Schoolbook and all the flowers/leaves are from Accent Essentials. OK, I hope you're going to have a go cos this is so easy, the only time consuming bit is the 3D foam! To make the flowers you need to start with the finished size you want then cut the same flower in all the different size increments available on your machine. ie 5", 4.75", 4.5" etc. Layer each one with 3D foam in the middle and then make a stalk by rolling paper into a straw (or use a straw if you have them) then snip the ends so you can bend them back and attach to the underside of the flower. To make a whole flower instead of a flat one you need to make the flower twice, then stick them together with 3D foam to give you a full round flower. Then insert the stalk through the centre using a strong wet glue to hold it or silicon glue works really well. I used my Expression, but you can do this in a smaller size on Baby Bug too. I used white linen cardstock throughout and used 12 x 24" cutting mat, or you can do it on 12 x 12 also:
Using Plantin Schoolbook, cut the BAG on TALL BALL feature and fit to page or do it as large as you can. This cuts a round train style bag. Glue the bag & cut off the handles to make the vase.
Take your Accent Essentials cart and select loads of different flowers & snowflakes, cutting them at 3.5". Then REPEAT LAST and cut at 3.25", and repeat each time, reducing each cut by 0.25". This gives you the graduation for the flowers. Take each size of the same flower and layer them with 3D foam, mking some smaller than others for variety. Once I'd layered some of the flowers I decided I could double them up to make a complete 3D flower (this works brilliantly with ACCENT10). So this time do exactly the same, but cut each size twice, and layer them back to back so you get a complete flowerhead.
Once you're happy with your flowers take some white paper and roll into a straw shape and glue. Snip the top appox 1" and splay out so you can glue to the undersides of the flowers for the stalks. You can also use straws for this if you have some.
Finally, cut scrolls in various sizes for the leaf fronds, and cut some leaves in different sizes. Weight the bottom of the vase with sand/pebbles etc, whatever you have, and arrange the flowers, leaves and fronds into the vase. If necessary secure where possible to avoid everything falling over making sure you hide the glue.

And that's it! If you use the Repeat Last function it's really quick, the time was mainly in doing the 3D foam! I hope some of you will have a go at this, believe me it is not difficult, you just need to be patient and the result will be worth it. If you also go for white cardstock, think about chalking or inking the edges, although I felt that there was greater impact because it was all in white. I think this would make a fantastic gift for someone special. Enjoy! x

(p.s - those of you that don't have Accent Essentials can do this with any other flowers you have on any cart, so don't think you can't do it if you don't have AE! And you can do it on either the big or baby bug too!)


Kirsty Wiseman said...

SHUT UP! Thats fabulous!

loopylou said...

ooooooh, that is so clever and beautiful xxxxxx

craftaddict said...

I'll say it again FABULOUS. I have started cutting all the pieces and will get round to putting them together soon.

Geraldine said...

That is so beautiful. DH gave me a Cricut Create for Christmas. I wonder if I could make my own version......

notquitemarthastewart said...

I actually remember the original post, it's one of the things that wowed me about your stuff, that and the huge tree with carolers! LOL

Less Is More said...

I love your ideas. You are so creative. I just got a Cricut for Valentine's Day and am dying to create with it!!!

I like your blog!

Primitive Seasons said...

Can I ask a question? About how many sheets of cardstock did this take and are they 12 x 12? I have to try this's so beautiful.


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