hmmm...I love anything retro and my passions are my DH, my 2 cats, Crafting and scooters. My fave craft tool is my trusty Cricut so I decided to share my passion for my li'l bug with anyone else who can be bothered to read!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pressure Drop

This is one of my fave layouts I've ever done, I think probably just because it evokes a lot of memories for me more than anything.

Letters are all from PS and the arrow is from Accent Essentials. Yes, that's me in my (not so) younger days on my beloved scoot, which can now be seen at the Craven motorcyle Museum and may be appearing on a TV screen near you as they supply all the vintage vehicles for Heartbeat, The Royal, etc.

sob, sob, I miss you scootie....:(

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