hmmm...I love anything retro and my passions are my DH, my 2 cats, Crafting and scooters. My fave craft tool is my trusty Cricut so I decided to share my passion for my li'l bug with anyone else who can be bothered to read!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

...well it's been a bit of a while as I've been soooo busy lately and just haven't had time or space to crack open my mosheeen and boy, am I missing my trusty steed.

I'm really massively into birds and owls at the moment and as I was playing around with my own range of papers the other day I was suddenly inspired and thought of a great way of making owls.

I actually don't own many carts for Cricut as I find that with a little bit of thought and effort I can usually make most things myself with the original carts which come with the machine, ie George & Basic Shapes and Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials. I think most people really underestimate what they can do with these 3 carts and don't understand how to really get the most out of the carts and their machine. All it takes is to look at shapes in a different light.

Anyway, back on track, I have to excuse the roughness of the card as I was in a bit of a rush and managed to get blathered in ink...

Using Accent Essentials I cut 2 leaves at 3" and then glued them together to make the basic owl shape, cutting off the stalks with scissors. I then cut lots of flourishes from the same cart and decorated both the front of the owl and then placed the flourishes together on the front of the card to make a tree. The scallop edge on the front is from Plantin Schoolbook.


Caroline and Jayne said...

WOW love your work, stunning, why don't you come over to and share some of your work ? we are also running a DT call , a competition and Blog candy & that's just this month :) It's free to join up.
x jayne x

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